Superlite Luminaires are manufacturers of lighting equipments including LED Lighting, Solar Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Hybrid Lighting, Domestic Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Cleanroom Lighting, Hazardous Area Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, such as Lighting Poles, Streat Light, Garden Lighting, etc.,
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Superlite Cleanroom Luminaires - has Manufacturer best of the Clean Room Luminaires having widest range of Cleanroom Clearly indicates our R&D Strength
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Walk Cover for Top Openable Cleanroom Lighting
Lamp replacement in Top Openable Cleanroom Lighting
Control Gear box in Top Openable Cleanroom Lighitng
Walk cover inside Lighting
Control Gear box & walk cover in Top Openable Cleanroom Lighting
Housing: Made out of 18-24 gauge CR Steel, Extruded Aluminium(optional), Stainless Steel(optional) or Fibre.
Frame: Jointless frame made out of 18/20 gauge CR Steel or made seam welded Extruded Aluminium or Stainless steel.
Finish: CR steel & Aluminiun Finished with electrostatically deposited, thermally set, epoxy powder coated.
Gasketing: VHB-GM (USA made) tape surrounds perimeter of lens to door frame and a silicone sealant (German made) is applied on the border of the lens to the metal frame making the frame & glass joint dustproof. PU Foam tape around perimeter of door to seal door to housing and another layer seals fixture to ceiling system after installation.
Fastners: All the screws used in the luminaire are of St. Steel.
Electricals: Lamp holder & starter seat are made of polycarbonate with PB contacts & the luminaire is wired with Fire Retardant Low Smoke wire.
Lens (Diffuser) Options:
a) 3mm Clear Acrylic
b) 2mm PolyCarbonate
c) 3mm Clear Acrylic
d) Prismatic Acrylic
e) 5mm Toughened Glass
Optics: Die formed internal reflectors are made out of anodised aluminum sheet with 85% Refelctance (optional MIRO-4; 95%) or White Powder Coated CR Reflector.
Ballast: Electromagnetic VPIT (Copper);
a) VPIT: <6.5w loss or
              < 10.5w loss
             with lamp starter & pf improving capacitor
b) Make: Philips/Atco/BAG/Superlite
Electronic Ballast*:
a) Passive power factor corrected <30% THD and pf> 0.94
b) Passive power factor corrected <10% THD and pf>0.98
c) Active power factor corrected <10% THD and pf<0.99
     and constant lumen output (APFC<10%)
Make: Phillips/Atco/BAG/Superlite/Intelux
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