Superlite Luminaires are manufacturers of lighting equipments including LED Lighting, Solar Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Hybrid Lighting, Domestic Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Cleanroom Lighting, Hazardous Area Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, such as Lighting Poles, Streat Light, Garden Lighting, etc.,
Superlite Hybrid Lighting India
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Superlite Solar Power LED Street Lights
Advantages :
Low-cost installation. No trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installation anywhere, have lights in days not months.
Ultra-low maintenance and long product life. 25 years warranty on solar panels, LED/Induction lighting fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free operation, Sealed deep cycle maintenance free battery.
Green light source. 40-70% less power consumption than traditional light sources. Globalgreen LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over traditional light sources.
Flexible configuration. GlobalGreeen solar lights can be easily configured to suite your requirements with solar module, wind module and battery of various sizes.
Advanced control unit. Our Solar light controller provides easy configuration, automatic operations and advanced work modules.
3-5 days backup power for rainy, cloudy days.
Grid-independent and No Bill to pay. GlobalGreen Street light still operates even when the power grid is down, and there will never be an electricity bill to pay.

Solar Street Light vs Traditional Street Light

Solar Street Lights vs Traditional Street Light
Solar Driven LED Street Lights - Traditional Solar Panels
Solar Driven LED Street Lights - Traditional Solar Panels
Major Roadways
Residential Streets
Pedestrian Walkways
Docks and Piers
Remote & Rural Location
High Crime areas
 Carbon Credit
Solar & wind Energy & LED Lighting - Carbon Credits